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Date:2006-04-21 01:24
Subject:Deadline: Wednesday, May 31

Tilly's & Orange County Register's Essay Writing Contest!

Objective: essay contest

Grand Prize: $500 US Savings Bond

1st Prize: $100 Tilly’s Gift Certificate

2nd Prize: $75 Tilly’s Gift Certificate

3rd Prize: $50 Tilly’s Gift Certificate


Deadline: May 31

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Date:2006-03-30 00:23
Subject:Deadline: May 15

Fasten Your Seat Belt...Go Far!

Objective: Scholastic Film Contest

Prize: $12,000 US savings bond & watch public service announcement broadcast nationally

[[See me for actual entry forms.]]

Deadline: May 15

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Date:2006-03-29 20:07
Subject:Contest crazy!
Mood: tired

Greetings fellow contest seekers.

Here is a page provided to organize all the little contests into one accessible journal. Updates will be made on new contests as soon as they are available and present, along with deadlines in the heading and at the bottom of each entry. Please do not feel shy to post a repy if you have any questions or comments! You do not need to have a livejournal account in order to do so, just post as "anonymous" and your reply will be read. Posting rules and instructions are in the User Info under *about*. If you have anything to say, please do so here and use this journal as a form of contact...or else it will not be known or taken into consideration. Thanks.

- Primi

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